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Legend about smiches - cute forest pranksters

 Once upon a time in the forests of the Mediterranean lived an old man Visary who predicted the coming of unusual creatures to the Earth - smiches. He said that these tiny little creatures will change the world of people, make it more interesting, more beautiful and magical. But people need to become kinder and to protect wildlife ... The prediction came true, although no one ever believed it. Anyone who ever met smiches, quickly forgot about his adventure. And it was hard to remember anything, when trying to explain the details. That's the way how the prophetic magic was happening. Only those who have a pure soul and a kind heart finds in the face of smiches not only a little furry friend, but actually became much happier ... To this day, cute, attractive creatures smiches inhabitted the Mediterranean forests. As a surprise, they're usually appearing out of nowhere, and only at night. Suddenly you hear a click on the branch of a tree, the multicolored sparks begin to scatter , and at this point appears smich. He lights up on the sides, smiles, blinks and beeps loudly, letting everybody know that he has finally arrived. Smiches, which live in the forest, are running up to the travelers, happily pounding them and chirping. During the day smiches sleep soundly. If a forest traveler dares to take the little animals in his hands and pat them, they won't wake up. Although they may cheat, open one eye and slightly pinch, causing the trace, which will stay for a lifetime. Smiches normally wake up when it's dusk. They start to play, jumping from branch to branch, being naughty, organize competitions and even dance. After all, it's only at night that elf sorceress Nafantano starts her marvelous songs, while wandering through the woods and touching with gentle fingers the strings of an unusual instrument. She protects the woods from the encroachments of an evil person and protects all smiches. Only her songs are subject to small animals and nothing else. Smiches are very indifferent to people. They like to scare a bit those who are lost, or happen to be in their forest at night, by making whistling sounds and rustling leaves of large trees. Once, these pranksters, by holding their small legs together, managed to pick up a toddler who slept in a tent of a passing cart. The parents did not notice anything, and only realized it when already riding out of the forest. When they returned back, they found their child sitting on a stump and playfully laughing, while little unusual creatures were dancing around him. Smiches immediately ran away and hid. The child ran to the parents, happily talking about his adventure. And later was asking to go back. After all, it was so interesting and not scary at all. This story was quickly spread among the people of the Mediterranean. They started to come often into the woods, where the smiches lived, and even take them back home — for their own delight and for their children. And then started to notice unusual flickering at night around themselves, the echo of distant elven songs. This magic happens only with kind and helpful people. They get the opportunity to see genuine miracles and a little friend, which is pleasant to embrace, had, and pat his soft fur ... The predictions of old Visariya came true so far. See for yourself ...