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Masterclass: Crafting & Selling Handmade Dolls on Etsy


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Dive into the captivating world of doll-making with our 13-week masterclass, designed to set you on a profitable journey of creativity right from the comfort of your home. Imagine turning beautiful handmade dolls, crafted with love and passion, into a six-figure income. That's right! You could be making and selling your unique creations for hundreds of dollars each, potentially earning over a hundred thousand dollars annually.

This comprehensive program guides you through every step of the doll-making process, from conceptualizing unique doll designs to creating your own patterns, crafting custom glass eyes, and making master models for molds. You'll learn how to assemble your crafted dolls and give them the finishing touches that make them not just toys, but works of art.

But it's not just about making dolls; it's also about selling them! We'll teach you how to effectively set up and manage your own Etsy and Shopify shops, and how to optimize your online presence for maximum visibility. With our lessons on SEO, you'll reach a global market and make your doll-making business thrive.

And what's more, all of this can be learned and accomplished right from your own home. Start your doll-making journey with us and transform your passion into a profitable business. So why wait? Make money doing what you love, and join us on this magical journey of doll making today!

Module 1: Introduction to Doll Making

Lesson 1.1: Overview of the Doll Making Process
Lesson 1.2: History and Different Types of Dolls
Lesson 1.3: The Art and Business of Doll Making
Module 2: Creating Concepts for Doll Making

Lesson 2.1: Finding Your Unique Doll Style
Lesson 2.2: Developing Doll Concepts
Lesson 2.3: Sketching and Finalizing Your Doll Design
Module 3: Doll Making Patterns

Lesson 3.1: Introduction to Doll Patterns
Lesson 3.2: How to Create Your Own Patterns
Lesson 3.3: Testing and Adjusting Your Patterns
Module 4: Doll Making Supplies

Lesson 4.1: Essential Materials for Doll Making
Lesson 4.2: Where to Buy Your Doll Making Supplies
Lesson 4.3: Cost Management and Inventory Keeping
Module 5: Crafting Custom Glass Eyes

Lesson 5.1: The Art of Making Glass Eyes
Lesson 5.2: Tools and Materials Required for Glass Eye Making
Lesson 5.3: Step-by-step Guide to Making Custom Glass Eyes
Module 6: Master Models and Molds

Lesson 6.1: Understanding Master Models
Lesson 6.2: Creating Your Master Model for Molds
Lesson 6.3: Mold Making Process
Module 7: Crafting the Doll

Lesson 7.1: Assembling Your Doll
Lesson 7.2: Painting and Finishing Touches
Lesson 7.3: Quality Control and Packaging
Module 8: Setting Up Your Etsy Shop

Lesson 8.1: How to Create an Etsy Account and Shop
Lesson 8.2: Listing Your Dolls on Etsy
Lesson 8.3: Optimizing Your Etsy Shop Layout and Design
Module 9: Etsy Shop SEO

Lesson 9.1: Understanding SEO for Etsy
Lesson 9.2: Keyword Research and Optimization
Lesson 9.3: Techniques for Increasing Visibility and Sales
Module 10: Running Your Shopify Store

Lesson 10.1: Creating Your Shopify Store
Lesson 10.2: Listing Your Dolls on Shopify
Lesson 10.3: Optimizing Your Shopify Store for Sales
Module 11: Running Operations

Lesson 11.1: Order Processing and Shipping
Lesson 11.2: Customer Service and Handling Returns
Lesson 11.3: Managing Inventory and Supplies
Module 12: Scaling Up Your Business

Lesson 12.1: Marketing Your Dolls Online
Lesson 12.2: Networking and Collaborations
Lesson 12.3: Exploring Expansion Opportunities
Module 13: Conclusion

Lesson 13.1: Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them
Lesson 13.2: Staying Inspired and Creative
Lesson 13.3: Recap and Next Steps in Your Doll Making Journey

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Masterclass: Crafting & Selling Handmade Dolls on Etsy

Masterclass: Crafting & Selling Handmade Dolls on Etsy